CampusCamp 2015


The Campus 2015 is in the Camp, where Architecture merges Nature.

Otaniemi’s University Campus is known worldwide for its architecture, which include several projects done by Alvar Aalto, as well as by its privileged relationship with the surrounding forest and sea.

In this context we propose to redraw transversal and longitudinal paths to their new use, keeping its location andfluxes, as these connections have continuity outside the limits of our site. At the same time, its intersection isnaturally the ideal location for a reference urban public space, a square for the university, related to the former mainbuilding and Aalto´s iconic auditorium.

We propose a conceptual elevated field, a Campus-Camp, raising the new green surfaces to the roof leavinguniversity buildings beneath.
We also pretend to keep as many as possible of the site existing trees, enhancing the site natural legacy, turning itinto a symbolic reference of the renovated university. These natural elements will play an important role in thebuildings design carving into them voids and yards of green tranquility, allowing natural light to go into the interiorspaces, and contributing strongly to the aim of an architectural uniqueness.

Our solution stresses the importance of the university public space as a device of connection and articulation of alldifferent functions on the proposed Campus.
Its hierarchy is focused in the main square, where all main functions/relations converge: former main building –ARTS main entrance – metro station – stores and commerce – circulation main axis .Our proposal is complemented with a group of (4) spread glazed blocks that “seat” gently over the lower buildingmasses, creating a visual reference ensemble outside the campus which highlights in the square the presence of theTechnical University Auditorium iconic shape.

More important than creating new architectural iconographies for Otaniemi, which already has one, our goal is to make a solution that aggregates and strengthens Otaniemi’s identity in the worldwide universities route.

Ficha Técnica


49.850 m2


ARX Portugal, Arquitectos lda.

José Mateus

Nuno Mateus


João Dantas, Sofia Raposo, Ricardo Guerreiro, Bruno Martins, Fábio Cortês, Rania Totsika


afaconsult – Projectos de Engenharia

Arquitectura Paisagista

PROAP, Estudos e Projectos de Arquitectura Paisagista Lda.